Clowning around with Lee Bellows

Lee Bellows in Moose Jaw
Photo: Thomas Bartlett
The crew of "Finding Al" crossed paths with professional rodeo clown Lee Bellows.

 Lee,  grew up in Moose Jaw, said his father used to say that drinking in prohibition was more fun, because you weren't allowed to . . . 
"It's funny.  You used to go outside to have a drink and you'd come inside to smoke. It's completely reversed now," he said.
His mother spent most of her adult life trying to keep his father off of River Street in Moose Jaw. 
"I grew up around the stockyards in Moose Jaw and remember stories about an old American who bought the smallest little plain cattle that he could, and sent them on the Soo Line south," said Lee. "The story was that he put those little cattle in box cars that had false bottoms and lots of straw in them, and smuggled barrels of whiskey during prohibition."