Driving into the past . . .

The Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw has a great collection of 1920s cars. We took Leon Willey there to do some of his hosting for "Finding Al."

While at the museum we had a chance to check out the history of land travel in Saskatchewan.

There are over 40 cars and another 16 trucks, from a 1902 Holsman rope drive car that looks more like a buggy, to a Ford Model T, which was “the car that put America on wheels.” 

There are also all kinds of contraptions for winter travel, motorcycles, even a Citro├źn half-track that made a trip through the British Columbia wilderness in 1934 on the whim of a French-American millionaire, carting much-needed trail supplies, like cases of champagne.

If you haven't been to the Western Development Museum before, you should check it out.